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19-in-1 ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver for all common screw-related tasks

ScrewDriver |FreeTwist|

EUR 19.95
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19 bits in 3 types: slotted, phillips, torx

ScrewDriver has wide selection of bits, featuring slotted, phillips and torx bits. It includes enough sizes in its body, eliminating the need for more tools to finish multiple household standard jobs. One ScrewDriver accommodates all standard jobs, such as Wall socket electrical outlets, light switches, cover plates and DIY furniture.

4mm and 6mm bit holders are included

The magnetic bit holder ensures all the bits are snug and safely attach to the ScrewDriver or quickly release for accurate use. 4mm bit holder is included in the handle. You can easily turn a 6mm bit holder to a 4mm one. It makes the ScreDriver a multi-purpose tool for craftsman, journeyman, DIYers, and homeowners.

Interchangeable Bits

Rather than fiddling around multiple screwdrivers according to you needs, the ScrewDriver features one magnetic bit holder that can magnetically hold a variety of bits. Each bit is precision machined for an exact fit, making them efficient and easy to use. It is perfect for almost any job around the home or on-the-go.

3-Position Smooth Ratcheting Mechanism

ScrewDriver’s three-position switch allows clockwise, counterclockwise and locked ratcheting.

Ergonomically Designed Grip for Greater Comfort

ScrewDriver has a comfortable rubberized grip helps sink screws fast, and minimize hand and wrist soreness for a long-time work.

Built-in bit storage for easy access, organization and transport

No loose bits and pieces. All bits are stored in the handle, making the ScrewDriver easy to organize and faster to change bits. Simply bring one ScrewDriver along with you to finish all your screw-related tasks.
Technical Specs
ScrewDriver |FreeTwist|
bits qty 19pcs
Bits set 25mm slotted: 3mm/5mm/6mm.
Philips: PH0/PH1/PH2/PH3. six-angles: T10/T15/T20/T25
colour grey
extension rod 1 pcs
gear ratio 1:1
Material PC
Percision screw bits slotted: 1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm.
Philips: PH000/PH00/PH0.
Six-angles: T6/T8 Connecting rod: 6mm-4mm
Product dimensions 36mm(1.4in)*36mm(1.4in)*158mm(6.2in)