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Refillable Notebook with E-ink Writing Notepad


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Double Press to Erase All Notes

With a double-press of the button, you erase all the contents.

Press and Hold to Edit Notes

Make a little mistake? You can press and hold the button to edit partial contents.

Built-In Magnet & Stylus Dock

The notebook is ingrained with magnets to keep the tablet and paper securely intact.

A Notebook with Magnetic Clips

The ModularNotebook is embedded with magnets that securely store all of your important papers. Keep your notes safe.

Compatible with Standard Paper

Refill the ModularNotebook with standard paper or downloadable paper Templates from our official website.

Functional for All Occasions

Use it as a notebook, journal, diary, message board, sketchbook, recipe holder, and more. Take it with you for a work meeting, college class, or art studio. It is portable and easy to carry around whenever you need it, wherever you go.