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USBstick |FingerPrint|

ScrewDriver |FreeTwist|

ScrewDriver |ElectricRecharge|

miniScrewDriver |Modular bits|

FidgetPen Magnet

MOFT laptop stand



Vertical Desk Organizer with Magnetic Modular Design

MagnetOrganizer |ModularStand| SET

MagnetOrganizer |ModularWall| SET

MagnetModule |CardHolder|

MagnetModule |Container+divider|

MagnetModule |Tray|

MagnetOrganizer |ModularStand| mini

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Vertically Store all your Essentials to Save Space

Organize all of your important belongings vertically to allow more space on your desk. This unique organizer magnetically stores your utensils and stationary upright to keep your table space clean.

Make Items Magnetic with Magnetic Stickers

Stick magnetic stickers to the back of essentials to make them magnetic. These adhesive magnetic stickers allow you to attach all of your items to the MagnetOrganizer |ModularStand|. (Magnetic stickers included in box)

Various Modular Organizing Containers

Store all of your office supplies in modular organizing containers to keep all of your items neatly stored. There are three different containers that will organize your business cards, pens and stationary accordingly.

Personalize the Stand to your Desired Style

Mix and match to customize the order of the various modular organizing containers to your desired style. Combine the three different organizing containers to create your preferred design.

Allocacoc Products that Stick to the MagnetOrganizer ModularStand

Available Accessories: DUSK|Mini|, FidgetPen|Magenet|, ModularNotebook|E-Ink|, ModularNotebook|ClipBoard| ModularNotebook|ClipBoard|
Technical Specs
MagnetOrganizer |ModularStand| SETMagnetOrganizer |ModularWall| SET
Inclued Metal stand,Container,CardHolder,
Tray,divider ,magnent x 3pcs
Metal Wall,Container,CardHolder,
Tray,divider ,magnent x 3pcs
Material Iron 1.Metal Wall : Iron 2.Container/CardHolder/Tray: PS 3.divider: Silica gel
Size L: 230mm(6.1in); W:155mm(8.6in);
L:550mm(21.6in) ;W:80mm(3.1in);
Weight 1424g / 3.13lb 978.2g / 2.15lb