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Never walk around with unwanted notes and never be out of pages

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Endlessly reusable due to magnetic clips

The magnets are embedded into the Notebook cover,to store and protect your valuable contents and papers. By being able to keep all your important notes,eliminate the ones you don’t need and constantly add new ones, you are able to keep using the NoteBook for a lifetime!


Simply add or reduce paper according to your needs.The maximum quantity goes up to 100 pages; 50 on each side. Exchange, re-arrange and distribute your thoughts, without disrupting the flow and quality of your NoteBook.

Compatible with standard paper

You don’t need to go to the store to buy special paper.Standard paper can be found everywhere to create the NoteBook of your choice.

Customizable templates

A free set of varies templates (A4/US Letter) are included in the NoteBook.If you need more, you can simply download the templates you need on our website. Print them out, and add them to your NoteBook!

User friendly

With its hard cover, you can make notes anywhere.Laying down on your soft bed, standing or while traveling. Also, because it lies flat you get a smooth writing surface every time.You are not obstructed by a binder and can place all your writing sheets to the left/right side.

Compatible with A4 and A5 paper

The mini version can hold A5 sheets but also the larger A4 size, making it more portable while maintaining its versatility.