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A Minimalist Gradient-Changing Wall Clock

DUSK Clock

DUSK Clock Mini

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A minimalist design

The clock uses a concise design language; we got rid of any unnecessary elements. In this way the clock looks simple and balanced. Its clean, monochromatic aesthetics are soothing and easy on the eyes while the hands cast a shadow on the clock face complimenting the ambient light.

Concise, but rich in variation

The Dusk’s minimalist design hides a sophisticated mechanism that allows the whole clock face to change its shade from transparent to opaque, representing the color of the sky. Throughout the day the Dusk will loop from dark to transparent and dark again as the sun rises, reaches its highest point and sets again.

Varied, but also natural

People are constantly aware of the time in large part due to the position of the sun and how bright it is outside, which is like an innate ability. The Dusk clock changing color follows this same principle. As it grows darker outside, so does the clock face.

Find joy in natural variation

The clock face color is consistent with the changes in the sky, which makes the clock more interesting and natural. People can also feel the time via the “sky brightness” in the room, which is particularly useful in windowless rooms.

Beauty comes from harmony

Beauty is linked to harmony; this is the logic behind this design. By getting rid of any unimportant elements the clock is reduced to its basic form. And being consistent with the changes of the sky makes the variation more natural.
Technical Specs
DUSK Clock
Battery 1 AA battery
Color Grey
Material Polarized, Acrylic, ABS
Packaging Dimensions 345 x 335 x 65 mm
Product Dimensions 300 x 300 x 50 mm
Weight 450g