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Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

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Increase Humidity in your Personal Space

The StrawHumidifier creates a consistent humidity level for your own small space. Place it in any cup or water bottle for a mini personal humidifier.
NOTE: Soak in water before use!

Light as a pen, Slim as a straw

With a 15cm-long straw-like body, you can easily take this with you anywhere. It conveniently fits in any purse or bag without taking up space. A USB-plug allows you to take it to any location on the go without being restricted to a wall outlet.

Easily Wipe Dry to Clean

Simply run fresh cool tap water over the StrawHumidifier body and wipe dry with a clean towel. You do not have to remove any pieces or disassemble it like other humidifiers.

2 Replacement Filters for Fresh Air

There are 2 filter replacements for a clean and fresh filter. The filters should be replaced every 1-2 months depending on your daily usage.

Auto Shut-off

The StrawHumidifier will automatically shut off after running for 6 hours to protect it from running out of water. The timer will reset once you unplug and plug it back into the USB port.
Technical Specs
Humidifier |Straw| aluminumHumidifier |Straw| aluminum
Plug type USB-A USB-A
Product dimensions 22mm*22mm*151mm 22mm*22mm*151mm
Rated DC 5V/ 2W 5V/ 2W