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The only Apron you can wear as a Cape

Caperons Kids; Dino

EUR 19.95

Caperons Kids; Jetpack

EUR 19.95

Caperons Kids; Ladybug

EUR 19.95

Caperons Kids; Bee

EUR 19.95

Caperons Adult; Dino

EUR 24.95

Caperons Adult; Jetpack

EUR 24.95

Caperons Adult; Ladybug

EUR 24.95

Caperons Adult; Bee

EUR 24.95
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The only Apron you can wear as a Cape

Caperons are the only aprons you can flip into a cape. The PU coated apron is easy wipe clean. The scuba knit capes are bright, soft and bouncy.


With 4 exciting designs to choose from, both boys and girls love the Caperons. Whether transforming into a winged bumblebee, a spikey-tailed dinosaur, a spotty ladybird or even a rocket man complete with flaming jetpack, there’s a style for every child’s imagination.


Caperons are made from durable and safe materials. The PU coated cotton apron is oil and grease repellent and water proof. The cape is made from a lightweight polyester scuba knit. It is soft to the hand and maintains a 3D shape when worn as a cape.

Safe playing

The apron as well as the cape comfortably rest on the shoulders as opposed to hanging down from the neck or throat - an important design feature that incorporates two elastic straps that run under the shoulders to ensure a comfortable fit. The hook and loop buttons make it easy for children to simply close the apron, before throwing it over their head and flipping into a cape.
Technical Specs
Caperons Kids; DinoCaperons Adult; Dino
Apron Material Polyester 65% cotton 35%, PU(PolyUrethane)Coated Polyester 65% cotton 35%, PU(PolyUrethane)Coated
Cape Material Polyester 95% Spandex 5% Polyester 95% Spandex 5%
Color Yellow / Green / Blue / Red Yellow / Green / Blue / Red
Packaging Dimensions 257 x 162 x 61 mm 395 x 295 x 25 mm
Weight 240g 385g