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Flip from a Briefcase into a Backpack

FoldBag |BackPack|

EUR 99.95

FoldBag |BackPack|

EUR 99.95
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Flip and Fold, Convert a Briefcase into a Backpack

This is a perfect bag for you on the go, easily unzip from a formal briefcase and fold into a casual backpack. This is the bag that you can use for every occasion. When you are running from meetings at the office to an adventurous night out or even a weekend away, you can quickly adapt with this one bag.

Durable Framing Fabric to Protect your Belongings

With an environmental-friendly canvas and poly fabric the FoldBag |BackPack| has a strong and durable framing structure. This sturdy fabric prevents the bag from folding over and ruining important documents when enduring long or short travel.

Stand it Up By Itself

The bag can stand-up on its own, without having to rest against any furniture. The durable framing structure of the FoldBag |BackPack| keeps the briefcase or backpack standing securely upright.

Weekender Packbility for your Next Getaway

When the FoldBag |BackPack| is transformed into a backpack extra storage space is created for a weekend getaway or a short business trip. Wherever you have to be, this bag will get you there.

Top Loading and Side Loading to Easily Access Belongings

The FoldBag |BackPack| allows for both top or side loading. Top loading is ability to load items into the bag from the top, but make it difficult to find items at the bottom. While side or panel loading allows you to access all items regardless of where it is in the main compartment. Unzip the entire compartment to completely open it up and quickly access every item.

Stowaway Straps to Reduce Clutter

A unique and convenient feature to the briefcase is that the straps can be stored in hidden pockets to reduce clutter. When traveling the straps will not get in your way when the bag is at your feet.
Technical Specs
FoldBag |BackPack|
Capacity 15 inch laptop
Interior color Black,Blue
Material PU
Operation modes Backpack mode 1\Briefcase mode 2
Product dimensions 42.7*31.7*10cm