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Modular House

An Affordable Cozy Home for You

ModularHouse |3 levels 14m2|^premium

ModularHouse |3 levels 28m2|^premium

ModularHouse |14m2|

ModularHouse |14m2|^premium

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Create a Versatile Space underneath the House

Use the extra space underneath the house for storage, chores, parking and other daily activities. Make full use of the space.

French Windows. Patio Doors. Better Views .

Featuring the french windows, a French balcony and sliding patio doors, ModularHouse provides enough illumination to the house. The glass windows and doors extend the home out . You feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Rooftop Terrace with Panoramic and Beautiful Views

The Rooftop terrace is decorated with wood-grain composite decking, bringing a premium and beautiful looking. Utilize the rooftop deck any way you would like, with a jacuzzi tub, bar, cafe, garden, BBQ or combine them all. It is the perfect place to rest and relax. Beautiful by day, alluring at night.

An Understated Elegant Exterior

The premium version of the ModularHouse comes with printing wood grain that gives it an exquisite exterior. Enjoy cozying up in the new affordable ModularHouse.


ModularHouse provides good air ventilation during the hot seasons. This stilt house increases airflow from underneath the floorboards that protects the main structure from termites and other pests.

Damp Proof

Made durable for locations with lots of rain and to protect against floods.

An Add-On to Your Backyard

Want a treehouse or villa in your backyard? ModularHouse is your additional space for fun, reading, relaxing, playing and getaways.

Various Models to Fit Your Needs

|3 levels 14m2 |^premium: Studio, 1 Bathroom
|3 levels 28m2|^premium: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
|14m2|^premium: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
14m2: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom