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aromaDiffuser |Desk|

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aromaDiffuser |Portable|

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Actively spreads aromas

The aromaDiffuser has a built-in fan, what means that it will actively spread aroma's throughout a space of up to 50 square meters (540 sq. ft.). This is much more efficient than conventional aroma diffusers, which are only effective within their immediate vicinity.

Mix scents

As the aromaDiffuser can hold multiple capsules you can also combine scents, creating a unique scent tailored to you! The cost of changing the fragrances is low: the aroma pearls will retain their fragrance while continuously in use for over 200 hours.

Three different modes

There is a two daytime modes (soft and strong) and a night mode to adapt to different scenarios and preferences.

Light ring

Besides providing a pleasant ambience, the 360 degree light ring will also indicate the status of the aromaDisfuser and what mode it is in.

Refillable disks

The capsules also come with a sponge version, which you can refill yourselve: just let the sponge absorb a few drops of any fragrance you like, and you can use the aromaDiffuser endlessly!


The machine can hold one or two aroma capsules while retaining the same shape.

USB powered

The aromaDiffuser is USB powered, what means that you most likely have a charging cable and power source around.
Technical Specs
aromaDiffuser |Desk|aromaDiffuser |Portable|aromaDiffuser |Plug|
Blue indicator light on 60s off 60s on 1min off 10min on 60s off 60s
Capsule quantity 2 1 1
Connector Micro USB Micro USB n/a
Fan 50*50*15 mm 40*40*7 mm 40*40*7 mm
Indicator light White/Blue/Yellow White/Blue/Yellow White/Blue/Yellow
Input voltage DC5V DC5V AC100V-250V
Material ABS ABS ABS
Power 1W 1W 0.5W
Size Φ=150 h=57(mm) Φ=100 h=35(mm) Φ=100 h=42(mm)
USBcable Length 1m 1m n/a
White indicator light always on always on always on
Yellow indicator light on 60s off 60s,close in an hour on 60s off 60s,close in an hour on 60s off 60s,close in an hour
Battery n/a 1000mah n/a