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Charge the wireless earbud with your phone

earBeans |Bluetooth|

earBeans |Bluetooth|

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Power up while talking, with your phone

The earbud has up to 3 hours of talk time so you can keep your conversation going. If you need extra juice, simply plug it into your phone and power it up. You never have to miss out on your conversation whenever you charge. It’s simultaneous and seamless.

Crystal-clear voice clarity, in all scenarios

The wireless earBeans |Bluetooth| helps mute background noise and provides the most consistently clear incoming and outgoing audio in a variety of settings. Completely unencumbered, you have the power to make successful calls every time, in a car, at your desk or on a busy sales floor.

ALL silicone housing, ultra-soft ergofit

The ergonomically shaped earBeans ensures a secure fit to the ear. More importantly, the entire earbean is crafted from soft silicone to bring you a delightful and easeful wearing experience. So it feels as comfortable on your last call of the day as it did on the first. Experience the long-lasting comfort.

Smaller and Lighter: weighs 14g

The compact earBeans|Bluetooth| seamlessly fits in any pocket. You'll hardly notice it.