LightCube Function

LightCube |Original|

LightCube |Extended|

LightCube Original |Portable|

LightCube Original

LightCube |SmartHome|

LightShade Extended

LightShade |Envelope|

LightShade |Tulip| Desk

LightShade Tulip
|Mini| DeskLight

LightShade |Tulip| Standing

LightShade |Tulip| Hanging

FlashLight |NightLight|

FlashLight |Clip|

|StandSpot 3x|

FlashLight |DeskSpot|

FlashLight |DeskLight|

HENG Balance Lamp


Snow Mountain Lamp

LightDisc |Solar|

LightBulb |Candle|

LightBulb |Spot|

LightBulb |Cylinder|

LightPillar|Dimmable| Hanging

LightPillar|Dimmable| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| MagnetFix

LightStrip |Touch| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| Wall

LightStrip |Touch| Triple Hanging


PowerLight |Aluminum|


PowerLight |Ceiling|


StreetLight Solar

Adjustable Folding Desk Lamp with Removable Light Source

FlashLight |DeskSpot| SET

FlashLight |DeskSpot| SET

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Adjust the Position of the Light for a Brighter Area

Fold or lengthen the desk lamp to move the light source for a brighter spot light. The lamp can bend in two places for more precise lighting; bend the lamp arm or the lamp head for more light.

Powerful Bright LED Light for an Office Desk, Reading and Writing

This small rechargeable light source uses a long lasting LED that can reach up to 600lm for a well-lit area. Use the FlashLight |DeskSpot| at your desk in the office or on a nightstand near your bed for a bright spot light.

Remove the Light Source to Use as a Flashlight

Unplug the light within the lamp head to use it as a bright flashlight. The flashlight has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can last anywhere from 2-72 hours with a full charge.

Stepless Dimming

You can adjust to the brightness level you want anywhere from 10 to 600lm when you press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

USB-C Rechargeable Light Source within 3 Hours

The FlashLight light source uses a USB-C port for fast charging and avoids the constant task of replacing batteries or light bulbs.
Technical Specs
FlashLight |DeskSpot| SET
Accessory USBcable USB-C Basic, 1.5m
FlashLight NightLight Recharge
Dimensions L225.7mm x W203.2mm x H461mm
Material Aluminum
Weight 1062g (Without Flashlight)