LightCube Function

LightCube |Original|

LightCube |Extended|

LightCube Original |Portable|

LightCube Original

LightCube |SmartHome|

LightShade Extended

LightShade |Envelope|

LightShade |Tulip| Desk

LightShade Tulip
|Mini| DeskLight

LightShade |Tulip| Standing

LightShade |Tulip| Hanging

FlashLight |NightLight|

FlashLight |Clip|

|StandSpot 3x|

FlashLight |DeskSpot|

FlashLight |DeskLight|

HENG Balance Lamp


Snow Mountain Lamp

LightDisc |Solar|

LightBulb |Candle|

LightBulb |Spot|

LightBulb |Cylinder|

LightPillar|Dimmable| Hanging

LightPillar|Dimmable| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| MagnetFix

LightStrip |Touch| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| Wall

LightStrip |Touch| Triple Hanging


PowerLight |Aluminum|


PowerLight |Ceiling|


StreetLight Solar

Dimmable Night Light with Motion Sensor and Built-in Battery

LightCube Original |NightLight|

LightCube |NightLight Recharge|

LightCube |NightLight|

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3-minute Illumination to Guide you in the Dark

LightCube|NightLight| emits just the right amount of illumination to guide you in the house. Whether you need to look after your children, use the bathroom, walk in the garage, or drink some water at night, your toes will thank you for it! This convenient night light matches any décor with its neutral color and its soft glow.

Press and hold to adjust the brightness

Press and hold the center button to adjust the brightness, it will save the latest brightness setting. You're able to dim the light for different occasions to provide the best using experience.

Automatic On/Off with Motion Detection

When it senses an object moving across its field of view anywhere from 5-8M (16-26 ft.), the light turns on for 3 minutes for a well lit pathway.

Press the Button to Manually Turn it On/Off.

Double press the center button to switch it to manual mode. This allows you to switch the light on or off manually incase it is accidentally left on.

Reusable Sticky-Pad to Stick Anywhere

Stick the LightCube|NightLight| Recharge anywhere in your house that is dark without having to use an electrical socket. The micro-suction tape on its backside can be attached to any clean, smooth surfaces. If you wish to relocate it, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the dust and it will work as good as new.

USB-C Charging Portable Night Light

The LightCube|NightLight| Recharge uses a USB-C charger for a longer battery life and less battery replacements. The night light and the base are connected by magnets making it easy to remove the light from the base to charge wherever you like.

Portable Night light Powered by AAA battery

Save on electricity bills with this portable night-light. The LightCube|NightLight| is powered by 3 AAA batteries that will last you years and conserve on your electricity usage. When the night-light is out of power, simply replace the batteries to use it again.

Long light mode

Lightcube also contains the Long light mode. Press the center button once and the light will shine in one brightness setting.
Technical Specs
LightCube Original |NightLight|LightCube |NightLight Recharge|LightCube |NightLight|
Colour temperature 3000K 3000K 3000K
Lifetime 20,000h 20,000h 20,000h
Light colour Warm White Warm White Warm White
Light output 50lm 50lm 50lm
Plug Type-A, Type-I, Type-C, Type-G n/a n/a
Product dimensions 64 x 64 x 34 mm 64 x 64 x 34 mm 64 x 64 x 34 mm
Rated AC 110-240V~,; 50/60Hz; 1.2W n/a n/a
Sensing distance 5 - 8M 5 - 8M 5 - 8M
Battery n/a 3 X AAA 3 X AAA
Input(USB-C) n/a 5V 2A 5V 2A