LightCube Function

LightCube |Original|

LightCube |Extended|

LightCube Original |Portable|

LightCube Original

LightCube |SmartHome|

LightShade Extended

LightShade |Envelope|

LightShade |Tulip| Desk

LightShade Tulip
|Mini| DeskLight

LightShade |Tulip| Standing

LightShade |Tulip| Hanging

FlashLight |NightLight|

FlashLight |Clip|

|StandSpot 3x|

FlashLight |DeskSpot|

FlashLight |DeskLight|

HENG Balance Lamp

Snow Mountain Lamp

LightDisc |Solar|

LightBulb |Cylinder|

LightBulb |Candle|

LightBulb |Spot|

LightPillar|Dimmable| Hanging

LightPillar|Dimmable| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| MagnetFix

LightStrip |Touch| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| Wall

LightStrip |Touch| Triple Hanging


PowerLight |Aluminum|


PowerLight |Ceiling|


StreetLight Solar

a nightlight powered by daylight

LightDisc |Solar|

LightDisc |Solar|

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Solar Energy

Capture the energy of light and store it in the internal batteries.

Powerbank 2000mAh

the internal battery can by used to charge your mobile phone or other USB devices.

Dimmable 3W LED

The bright 3W light is able to light up your entire room.


Lights up when the sun goes down and the moon comes up.


Re-useable sticky-pad to stick onto your window.

Up to 12-hours light

When the internal battery is fully charged via solar panel or USB.

Cable reel

Roll up your USB cable.
Technical Specs
LightDisc |Solar|
Battery capacity 2000mAH (7.5Wh)
Input(Solar) 5V/0.25A
Input(USB-) DC5V/2A
Material ABS、PC
Outpu(USB-A) DC5V/2A
Weight 175g