LightCube Function

LightCube |Original|

LightCube |Extended|

LightCube Original |Portable|

LightCube Original

LightCube |SmartHome|

LightShade Extended

LightShade |Envelope|

LightShade |Tulip| Desk

LightShade Tulip
|Mini| DeskLight

LightShade |Tulip| Standing

LightShade |Tulip| Hanging

FlashLight |NightLight|

FlashLight |Clip|

|StandSpot 3x|

FlashLight |DeskSpot|

FlashLight |DeskLight|

HENG Balance Lamp


Snow Mountain Lamp

LightDisc |Solar|

LightBulb |Candle|

LightBulb |Spot|

LightBulb |Cylinder|

LightPillar|Dimmable| Hanging

LightPillar|Dimmable| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| MagnetFix

LightStrip |Touch| Standing

LightStrip |Touch| Wall

LightStrip |Touch| Triple Hanging


PowerLight |Aluminum|


PowerLight |Ceiling|


StreetLight Solar

Gesture-Controlled LED Light Bulb with Built-in Dimming Capability

LightCube E27

LightCube E26

LightCube |Original| B22

LightCube |Original|

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Gesture Control, No Extra Fixture Needed

You don’t need to hook the LightCube to any dimmer switch to use the dimming function. Simply wave your hand in front of the LightCube to turn it On/Off. To adjust the brightness, hold your hand in front of LightCube.

Built-in Mounting Groove

The LightCube features a mounting groove that easily inserts, twists, and locks into your lamps lighting fixture. This unique feature keeps your light bulb safely intact and ready-to-use for your everyday lighting.


Hold your hand in front of the LightCube until it gets to desired brightness. It will remember and maintain the brightness you have set until the next time you adjust it.

Manual Control

If you wish to manually turn On/Off the LightCube, press the black button twice on the LightCube to switch from gesture control to manual control. Press and hold the black button to adjust the brightness in manual control.

A Light Bulb With A Plug

Unlike traditional light bulbs, the LightCube |Original| comes with a plug that can be connected to a power outlet without the need of lighting fixture. Anything is possible with this one of a kind, gesture-controlled LightCube.