Industrial Design is not limited to any product category or industry.

about us
Vision & Mission

To be a company that inspires with products of
a different standard.
Our mission is to improve the design and value of
existing products and to provide
a new user experience, making these
products available to every household worldwide.
Our Business Model
Our products should be widely available: from the largest hypermarket to the smallest
neighborhood convenience store. This means that we need a well-defined
distribution model, with a clear role and value for every link in the distribution chain.
Eventually, we want to get at least one of our products in every household worldwide,
from the richest household in NYC to the most remote one in Malawi.

Carefully Selected Partners

Our sales partners are companies that we have assessed and approved to meet a guaranteed level of service for our clients. We have close working relationships with these companies and provide tailor-made sales solutions for their markets.

Added Value

How do you differentiate yourself on the market? We are on the constant lookout to enhance the customer experience together with our sales partners. We offer the option to customise our products, like for example business gifts in a dedicated packaging. By working closely with our partners we aim to deliver our products with a personal touch, making them more desirable for both our partner and the end consumer.

Long-term Business Partnerships

We are proud to have established many partnerships with importers, distributors and (r)etailers worldwide. We value these partnerships with a good collaboration and communication, as we always aim for long-term business relationships.
Discovery and Experience
Our products are multi-functional and ensure sales continuity. Our innovative
approach ensures that our product range remains fresh by continuously re-thinking
the functionality of our current products and addressing your individual consumers’ needs.
What’s In It For You
Allocacoc’s Sales Partners come in all shapes and sizes, and are dispersed around the world.
However there is one thing that unites them: they all leverage on the following benefits of the Allocacoc brand:
·     Inventor of the PowerCube
·     Winner of several prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award
·     High-quality design and standards
·     Safety
·     A worldwide presence with offices on three different continents
·     Worldwide presence
·     Marketing support
·     Tailor-made sales solutions
·     New products every month
·     Through our DesignNest platform we are continuously adding new
      and innovative products to our portfolio
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